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Northland Lacrosse Frequenty Asked Questions

Northland Lacrosse Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions and will try to keep this page updated on the most frequently asked questions we receive.  If you do not see the answer to your question here, feel free to email us at for an answer.


What is lacrosse?

Lacrosse is an exciting, fast-paced sport that involves that involves a variety of different skills and combines many of the elements of basketball, soccer and hockey. It is also a sport that anyone can play – the big and the small. Lacrosse uses the whole body, and it does not require a certain body type. It is a game that rewards coordination and agility, not brawn.


For a good historical perspective of lacrosse, please see these videos.



What is Northland Lacrosse?

Northland Lacrosse is a non-profit lacrosse organization serving boys (1st through 12th grades) who live in the Northland Kansas City area. Our organization was established in 2006-2007.


The primary purpose of Northland Lacrosse is to teach and grow the game of lacrosse in a fun, safe, and positive environment. We are dedicated to skill development and healthy age-appropriate competition. We strive to teach the values of sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, and fair play through the game of lacrosse.


Our youth teams (8U-10U-12U-14U) are coached by parent volunteers who have experience playing and/or coaching lacrosse, or coaching other youth sports. Our high school junior varsity and varsity teams are led by paid coaches who have extensive experience coaching and playing lacrosse.


Who will coach my son?

We have experienced coaches who have either played lacrosse, coached lacrosse or have coached other youth sports. Northland Lacrosse conducts one or two coaching clinics a year that our coaches attend. All coaches are registered with US Lacrosse which includes a legal background check/evaluation. Northland Lacrosse also encourages, and pays for, all of our volunteer coaches to participate in US Lacrosse coaching certification clinics.


What is the best age to begin playing lacrosse?

Any age is a good age to learn how to play lacrosse. Every year, we have new players join at all age levels. If you have a younger-aged son, 1st or 2nd grade is a great time to introduce them to the sport. Keep in mind though, we have new players in 8th grade or high school that join every year.


When does the regular season begin?

The typical lacrosse season begins with practices in March with games beginning around March 31 and ending the weekend before Memorial Day.


What is Fall Ball lacrosse?

Our experienced Northland Lacrosse coaches conduct a 6-8-week comprehensive drill sessions (Sept-Oct) to help experienced players refine their skills and prepare for the Spring season. It is also a great time for new players to be introduced to the sport and learn the basic skills from our experienced coaches.


What equipment will my son need?

As mentioned above, your son will need the following equipment.

  • Stick
  • Helmet with mouthguard
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Protective Cup

Football, soccer or baseball cleated shoes


How much does it cost to play lacrosse?

The costs to play lacrosse are segmented into four different areas.

  1. US lacrosse Membership - $35
    1. All players are required to register with US Lacrosse prior to registering with Northland Lacrosse and participating in the Kansas City Youth Lacrosse League (KCYLL) or the Kansas City High School League (LAKC).
  2. Regular Season (Spring)
    1. 8U (1st - 2nd Grade) – $150
      1. 22 outdoor practices
      2. 8 games
      3. Jersey and shorts are provided and must be returned at the end of the season.
    2. 10U (3rd - 4th Grade) – $200
      1. 25 outdoor practices
      2. 8 games & year-end tournament
      3. Jersey and shorts are provided and must be returned at the end of the season.
    3. 12U – 14U (5th –thru – 8th grade) -$200
      1. 25 outdoor practices
      2. 8 games & year-end tournament
      3. Jersey and shorts are provided and must be returned at the end of the season.
    4. High School - $575
      1. 40-45 outdoor practices (turf)
      2. 15-20 games
      3. Home & Away jerseys & shorts are provided and must be returned at the end of the season.
  3. Equipment
    1. Northland Lacrosse has a supply of used equipment we “loan” to players. Once you no longer need that equipment, we ask that you return it to our club so we can offer it to new players joining lacrosse.
    2. The average costs for youth (new/used) equipment are:
      1. Helmet - $100
      2. Stick - $75
      3. Shoulder Pads - $50
      4. Gloves - $40
      5. Elbow Pads - $25

[NOTE: Equipment will usually last 3-to-4 seasons.

  1. Fall Ball Sessions (1st –thru -12th Grades) - $70
    1. 6-8 weeks of skills and fundamental drills to help experienced players refine their skills and introduce new players to lacrosse.
    2. GOAL: Help prepare players for the regular season in the Spring.


Do I need to buy shorts and a jersey?

No. Northland Lacrosse provides a jersey and shorts for your son. You are required to return both items at the end of the season or you will be assessed a fee for replacement costs. We do encourage players to buy a reversible practice pinnie (not required).


Where and when do Northland Lacrosse teams practice during the Spring Season?

Our  Youth teams will be practicing at Antioch Middle School (2100 NE 65th St, Gladstone, MO 64118). Each youth team usually practices twice a week for :75-:90 minutes for each session. Our high school team usually practices 5 days a week on a turf field in the Park Hill School District.


When are games played?

Youth games are played on the weekends beginning March 31 and end the weekend prior to Memorial Day weekend. We typically have 4 games in the Northland and 4 away games against programs throughout the Kansas City area.

The high school team has about 15-20 home/away games against teams in the Kansas City area plus one out-of-town game weekend.


Who does Northland Lacrosse play against?

Youth teams play against other lacrosse programs from Lee’s Summit, Brookside, Pembroke Hill, Prairie Village, Leawood, Blue Valley, Olathe, Mill Valley and Lawrence.

The High School team plays against other teams from Lee’s Summit, Shawnee Mission, Pembroke Hill, Rockhurst, St. Thomas Aquinas, Blue Valley, Olathe, Mill Valley, Leavenworth and Lawrence.